Another photography blog? Really?

Yes, really. Why?! .. you might ask. There are plenty of blogs out there, I mean, millions literally.. why another one. A good question.

Now that we got that question out of the way (see what I did there?), what will this blog be about?

This will be a personal blog. I will tell you something about my exciting life as a secret agent (might be a lie) and something about photography (definitely not a lie)!

I will share awesome tricks with you that I have picked up over time and that allowed me to go from hobby photographer to successful international pro photography-god within about a year without ever taking photography school or paying a single dime on courses. And blinfolded.

Many of these may work for you (if you are as awesome. which you are. you are reading this after all!), also if you don’t want to earn cash by taking images or just want to save on that Leica you so desperately want to make your friends like you.

Lastly, I will try to keep things real here. Well.. from now on.

Here’s a pic, let’s be friends.